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Here are some touristy photos of Telc, in the Czech Republic, that I took in the summer of 1998.

"Telc" actually has an upside-down "^" above its "c". Its name in German is Teltsch.

Telc is close to Jihlava; it's smaller, its piazza is not disfigured by a supermarket, and it's altogether picture-perfect and much better known among tourists.

Telc is almost surrounded by ponds. It burnt down in 1530 and was rebuilt by Italian workmen; work on the town had almost (or completely?) ceased by the end of the century and little has been changed to it since. It's very well preserved and in 1992 was added to UNESCO's World Heritage list, so it should continue to look good.

The town is something of a tourist ghetto. Obviously it depends on tourism, and wherever you look there are tourists. Still, this is the acceptable face of tourism: the bearded guys playing guitars seem to be playing them there as it seems a good place to play -- and who could argue? -- not, "Hey, look how cool I am!" (Another thing that helped me: few, if any, tourists are speaking two of the three languages in which I have some fluency.) There may not be much to do in Telc, but if I had to live in a tourist spot, this is one I'd consider.

Most of the pictures below are of sixteenth-century houses on the piazza. I'll leave most without further comment.

[pond] [pond]

From the regular entrance to the old town.

[panorama] [panorama]

Views from a church tower (one that's separate from its church).

[Telc palace] [Telc palace] [Telc palace]

Telc palace, much of which is taken up with a gallery of a highly forgettable artist.

[column] [column] [column] [column and piazza]

The Marian column, and the piazza

[Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc]

Buildings around the piazza.

[Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc]

It's probably obvious, but these six photos are all of the same one building, a building that happened to be for sale at the time -- and that I could even have afforded. It was certainly a lot more tempting than anything I can buy near where I live.

[Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc] [Telc]

What's all this about? I don't know, but it was gradually taking form during the day. How I love to sit and sip beer as I watch other people work to build something of unknown purpose.

[Telc] [Telc] [Telc]

Amplified acoustic music (OK in its place); a beer hall (I think this hedgehog brand is local to Jihlava); a breakfast view of Telc. (No, I did not drink beer for breakfast -- even [genuine, Czech] Budweiser. Just an espresso.)

[Telc] [Telc]

A view within and down the church tower. It was occupied by the oeuvre of a self-taught painter (see the example).

[Telc] [Telc]

Away from the piazza.

Any comments? Corrections? Write to me (Peter Evans), or tell the whole world. (I'd be particularly grateful for comments from anybody in Telc.)

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