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If you'd like to send mail to me, the address is above.

Or rather, it probably is. The email address is "protected" by Javascript. If you don't see the address above, please either:

  1. "Enable" (turn on) Javascript, or
  2. View the source of this page; the source will let you figure out my address for yourself, as long as you're a moderately intelligent human and not a lazily programmed spambot!

I get loads of spam via a service — one that I'm obliged to use — other than the one I mention here. My browser doesn't manage to zap all of it, and I don't bother to look at every ambiguously titled message just to see if it might be of some interest. So if your message has a generic title (such as "Your website", let alone "Hi") or no title, or if its title otherwise smells even slightly of spam, it's very likely that I'll throw it out together with all the other junk. Therefore please title your message as precisely as possible.


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