The Czech Republic

Here are some touristy photos that I took in the Czech Republic in the summer of 1998.

There are two versions of each page. One ("Czech") has the correct spellings but might not work for you; the other ("bland") will work but omits the exotic diacritics. (There's more detail on this below.)

I suggest that you start with the "Czech" version. If it doesn't display well, switch to the "bland" equivalent.

Czech version Hluboká bland version
Czech version Jihlava bland version
Czech version Jindrichuv Hradec bland version
Czech version Kratochvíle bland version
Czech version Pec bland version
Czech version Slavonice bland version
Czech version Tábor bland version
Czech version Telc bland version
Czech version Trebon bland version
Czech version [miscellany] bland version

A bit more detail:

No, the "Czech version" isn't in Czech, but, via Unicode and UTF-8, it uses ingredients of the ISO-8859-2 character set (for central Europe). If your browser, operating system and fonts allow it, you'll get all the necessary diacritics.

The "bland version" uses the ISO-8859-1 character set (for America and west Europe). All browsers and operating systems like it, but unfortunately it doesn't include various characters that are used in Czech.

The pictures are pretty feeble. Blame me for unimaginativeness, poor composition, deviations from the level, etc. But "the poor workman always blames his tools": the awful camera gave me very little control over exposure and none over focus.

If you'd like more information about the Czech Republic I recommend Karel Kysilka's homepage (particularly for towns, cities, and history) and the Travel page of the Czech Center, NYC (for factual information).

Amazing: one of the pictures here appears in the Czech Center's own "sample itinerary" page (with my permission, of course).

Other snaps


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