Munich, ZAM: More!

Here are some more photos of ZAM in Munich (most are here). Perusal of the objects depicted may not be suitable for the young, the old, the middle-aged, or anyone with taste -- You Have Been Warned.

[Munich, ZAM] This innocuous-looking building houses ZAM, Das Zentrum für Aussergewöhnliche Museen (the Center for Unusual Museums).

Unusual indeed. Aside from the demure Romy Schneider museum, etc., it boasts a Bourdalou-Museum and a Nachttopf-Museum.

The bourdalou -- and no, it's not even in the big Oxford English Dictionary -- is . . . well, let's take a look at a few.

[bourdalou] [bourdalou] [bourdalou]

Soup tureens?

No. Guess again.

Give up? OK, they pertain to the other end of the alimentary canal. Among ladies, they were for the dining room during the day what the chamber-pot was for the bedroom at night.

Chamber-pots, yes. . . .

[ZAM loos] Here are early and decorative versions of a device that's probably very similar to something that you have at home.

[ZAM chamber-pot] But why simply use a device for a bodily function when you can combine this with a personal political statement?

[ZAM chamber-pot] [ZAM chamber-pot] Lastly, French industrial design at its finest.

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