Ham House

Here are some touristy photos of Ham House, on the Thames between the two much better-known attractions of Hampton Court and Kew.

Ham House dates from the 1610, although much work was done on it in the 1630s and 1670s. Both the house and the garden are unusually well documented, which has meant that the gardens, redesigned in the 1810s, could be restored in the 1970s to the way they were in the 1670s -- very differently from popular understandings of what English gardens are like.

Ham House is run by the National Trust, which doesn't permit photography inside the house.

The pictures are pretty feeble. Blame me for unimaginativeness, poor composition, deviations from the level, etc. But the awful camera I used for most of the photos gave me very little control over exposure and none over focus, and its replacement wasn't much better.

[garden of Ham House] [trees and house]

[garden of Ham House] [two thrones]

[parterre] [parterre]

[parterre] [parterre] [parterre]

[south of Ham House] [south of the house] [south of the house]

[north of the house] [pineapple] [rain tank (or sarcophagus?) near the shop]

See the National Trust's page on Ham House for factual information (phone numbers, opening times, etc.).

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