Bushy Park (Tasmania)

I'd never heard of Bushy Park in Tasmania until Alan Lesheim sent me this photo of it.

"Text Kiln", Bushy Park, Southern Tasmania, Australia

Alan explains:

The pic is of the "Text Kiln" at Bushy Park, Southern Tasmania, Australia.

It's so named because the owner, one Ebenezer Shoobridge (who built it with the help of his wife, three sons and five daughters), placed sandstone slabs engraved with biblical texts at regular intervals around the exterior walls.

The kiln was built in 1867, and the estates that have grown up around it supply large quantities of hops to the world's breweries to this day.

Affection for the often ignored Bushy Park of my youth prevents me from saying that it's upstaged by Bushy Park in Tasmania, but certainly Alan's photography makes mine look feeble.

(Walkabout Australian Travel Guide says more about Bushy Park.)

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First created: 18 August 2002. Photo is copyright Alan Lesheim. Thanks, Alan!

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