Pish, Porsche!

Alerted by a story at Computer Virus Myths, I rushed to Porsche's web site on 30 December 1999 (at about half past noon GMT) in order to buy a Porsche or at least do some windowshopping.

Sure enough, Porsche was actually planning to take down its web server "for technical and security reasons" -- to protect it from bad COBOL code, the Antichrist, Boris Yeltsin, or something. Take a look at this unretouched screenshot:

Porsche page, 30 Dec '99

Pish A. int. An exclamation expressing contempt, impatience, or disgust.
1592 NASHE P. Penilesse C ij, Pish, pish, what talke you of old age or balde pates?
1599 SHAKES. Hen. V, ii. i. 43, 44 Nym. Pish. Pist. Pish for thee, Island dogge.
1611 COTGR., Tarabin tarabas, an Interiection of interruption, like our pish pish, tut tut. . . . (OED, 2nd ed.)


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